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These are answers to common questions about the Termonfeckin Tennis Club Online Court Booking System, which is a feature that is provided for paid members. Please get in touch with us if you have questions that we don’t answer below!

What are the rules for booking courts?

1.0. Bookings are limited to 2 hours per court per day to avoid block booking. There is no difficulty with players playing for longer when the court has not been booked and there are no other members awaiting a court.

1.1. If a booking has not been filled within 10mins of the scheduled time, it is deemed cancelled and the court may be used by others awaiting a game.

I’ve tried registering for the Courts Booking System, but I did not get an email to confirm registration?

Quite often your email junk system will automatically send emails that it doesn’t trust into your junk mail folder. Check your junk mail for emails from Termonfeckin Tennis Club, and add to your “safe senders” list. Do let us know if you continue to experience registration issues.

I have booked a court online, but someone else is playing instead. What do I do?

Explain to the person that you have booked the court online and show them the booking on your phone, if available.

Why can’t I book courts more than 2 weeks ahead?

This is to ensure that users have a fair chance at booking peak time slots. If you have a special requirement to book a court well in advance (such as competitions) then please let us know.

Is there a fee/charge to book courts online?

There are no additional fees for use of the online system.

Should I cancel my booking if I can’t make it?

If your slot can become free due to a match not being fulfilled, then do please delete the booking so that other users can make use of the slot.

I can’t login to the court booking system.

If you’ve gone through the reset password link on the court booking system login screen, and are still unable to login, this is possibly due to your account having been disabled by the court booking system administrator.

So, how do I get a log-in to the Court booking system?

Register an account with

How do I book a court?

Using your internet enabled device by browsing to or the link below and login with your username (or email) and password.

Tennis Court eBooking

What time can I book a court?

Anytime within the court opening hours.

How long can I book a court?

You may book single 1 hour slots. However to facilitate competition matches the system does allow for repeat 1 hours lots to be booked.

Do I have to be a member to book a court?

While you may register freely to use the system, any registered user found not to be a member will have their accounts disabled.

I do not have a internet access? How do I book a court?

Hopefully one of the people you are playing will have access to the internet to book a court.

Can I add the other players to my booking?

Yes. You can add attendees that you have agreed to play with. You can also invite other members to play through the system, if they have already registered their details.